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Facilities Overview

Indirect Calorimetry

We use the TSE PhenoMaster system for the indirect calorimetry measurements. In these system we can simultaneously:

>Measure Energy expenditure by measuring O2 consumption and CO2 release

>Measure substrate utilization (RER: VCO2/VO2)

>Measure locomotor activity

>Measure food and water consumption

>Measure core body temperature

>Control temperature (4-30 degrees) and light during the measurements

>a total of 3x 16 units for high throughput screening

Mice Feeding System (HM2 system)

This system is RFID chip based, Mice are grouped housed ensuring normal behaviours.

Specification for mice feeding system:

>Group housing (4 to 8 mice per cage)

>Monitoring of food and water intake

>Monitoring of meal size, meal number and meal duration

>Monitoring of drinking session size, number and duration

>Food/liquid preference test (2 different diets/tastants)

>Optimal for screening procedures, (up to 64 animals can be analysed simultaneously)

EchoMRI 4-in-1 scanner

Specification for EchMRI 4-in-1 Scanner:

>Monitoring of gram fat, gram lean mass and gram water

>Live animal (rats and mice), tissue samples and biopsy

>Measurements take app. 1-2 minutes - no requirement for anesthesia

Rat Feeding System

Specification for Rat Feeding System:

>Rats singled Housed

>Monitoring of food and water intake

>Monitoring of meal size, meal number and meal duration

>Monitoring of Locomotor activity

>18 Rat feeding cages

Surgery Equipment and Expertise

Surgical facilities:

>surgical tables with microscopes

>isofluran systems for anesthesia

>Stereotactic frame


Our staff is experienced in various techniques including:

>Performing Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT)

>Performing Insulin Tolerance Test (ITT)

>Performing Conditioned taste aversion tests

>Stereotactic surgeries

>Insertion of minipumps for continuous delivery

>Work with GMO1 classified substances incl. virus associated procedures (DREAEDs, rAAVs)

Metabolic cages

Specification for the metabolic cages:

>Rat/Mice single housed

>Feces and urin collection


Other available facilities:

>Climate room/incubators where we are able to do studies at thermoneutral as well as cold conditions

>Emitter telemetry: implantation of probe enabling us to measure body temperature in live freely moving mice